The Sweeping Process
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What happens when I have my chimney swept?

Before the sweep arrives, it is helpful but not essential if, the flue to be swept has not been used for at least 24 hours and the appliance has been emptied of all ash, logs, fuel etc. The Sweep needs space to work, so ensure the area in front of the fireplace is clear and move away any hearth furniture and companion sets.

The Sweep

On arrival the sweep will carry out a chimney inspection externally, upon entering your property will carry out a fireplace inspection and then an internal chimney inspection.

A smoke evacuation check will then be carried out to ensure there are no blockages. At Sweeps we treat your home with respect by protecting your home and its contents by sealing up the opening to the fireplace so that all dust is contained. We also use an industrial Vacuum cleaner to eliminate any mess.  The sweep will then decide on which tools to sweep the chimney with and carry out a full chimney sweep.

Upon completion the sweep may carry out a CCTV inspection. A further smoke check is carried out to ensure the chimney is functioning correctly.

Chimney Sweep completed, with no mess or dust.

What we do


At Sweeps Chimney Services we provide various services including,


Chimney Sweep

Stove Servicing

Chimney Maintenance

CCTV Inspections

Bird Nest Removal

Vermin Nest Removal

Cowls Fitted

Chimney Caps Fitted

Bird Guards Fitted

Chimney Repair

Smoke Checks

Fireplace Cleaning

We also supply various accessories




Before and after sweeping
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